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Giorgia Meloni’s Hard-Right Party Leads in Italy’s Voting

A polling station on Sunday in Rome.

Gunman Attacks Draft Office as Russian Unrest Over Call-Ups Deepens

An abandoned Russian military vehicle in Vovchansk, Ukraine, on Sunday.

Europe Looks at Italy’s Giorgia Meloni With Caution and Trepidation

Giorgia Meloni leaving the polling station where she voted in Rome on Sunday. Her Brothers of Italy received the highest vote total of any single party, according to preliminary results.

To Defend Democracy, Is Brazil’s Top Court Going Too Far?

Iran Protests Are Fueled in Part by Kurdish Anger

Protesters in Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s semiautonomous Kurdistan Region, burning an Iranian flag on Saturday.

At Least 13 Killed in School Shooting in Russia, Including Children

Police and paramedics working at the scene of a shooting at school No. 88 in Izhevsk, Russia, on Monday.

Deadlier Than the Titanic: A Ferry Set Out With About 1,900 Aboard. Only 64 Survived.

The Kantene cemetery in Ziguinchor, Senegal, has 42 graves of victims of the wreck. Artists paid tribute to the deceased by painting on the walls this year.

Olaf Scholz of Germany Won’t Send Battle Tanks to Ukraine

Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany last week at the United Nations in New York. “Leadership does not mean you do what people ask you,” he said.

The New India: Expanding Influence Abroad, Straining Democracy at Home

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia meeting in Uzbekistan this month.

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Off Its East Coast

The United States aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan arriving in port in Busan, South Korea, on Friday, ahead of the two countries’ joint military drills.

Super Typhoon Noru Heads for Philippines After ‘Explosive’ Surge

Emergency crews preparing boats and other gear on Sunday in Quezon City, the Philippines, ahead of a storm’s landfall.

Why Iranians Are Protesting Once Again

Demonstrators on the streets of Tehran this past week. Protests spurred by a woman’s death in custody have expanded to include outrage over economic problems and frustration with moral strictures.

The Fight Between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Explained

A firefighter among the ruins of a house destroyed by shelling in Sotk, Armenia, last week.

Why Japan Is Angry About a State Funeral for Shinzo Abe

A protest against the planned state funeral for Shinzo Abe, Japan’s former prime minister, in Tokyo on Monday. Many are voicing their critique of his actions in life by opposing the effort to honor him in death.

Ukraine Honors Slain Soldier Whose Bracelet Made Him a Symbol

Serhiy Sova, whose body was exhumed in Izium earlier this month, in 2019. He was a trainer and breeder of dogs.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Putin Ally, Says He Founded Russia’s Wagner Group

Yevgeny Prigozhin at a meeting of Russian and Turkish government officials and business leaders in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2016.

Iran’s Ferocious Dissent

A protest in Tehran last week over the death of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, in police custody this month.

For China’s Auto Market, Electric Isn’t the Future. It’s the Present.

BYD, China’s largest electric vehicle maker, displayed cars at an auto show in Wuhan, China, in July.

TikTok Seen Moving Toward U.S. Security Deal, but Hurdles Remain

TikTok has been under a legal cloud in the United States because of its Chinese ownership.

Monkeypox Appears to Recede, but Risks and Uncertainties Linger

Workers prepare the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine at a vaccination site in Los Angeles last month. Though cases seem to be receding, recent reports suggest that a single dose may not be protective enough.

Your Monday Briefing

Russia Begins Mobilizing Ukrainians to Fight Against Their Own Country

A polling station in Mariupol, Ukraine, on Saturday, the second day of a referendum on joining the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic to Russia.

Your Monday Briefing: Protests Grow in Iran

Protesters in the streets of Tehran on Wednesday. The protests have grown to encapsulate a wide range of grievances against the government.

Roger Waters Concert in Poland Called Off After Ukraine Views Prompt Anger

Roger Waters performing at Madison Square Garden in August.

Giorgia Meloni’s Adoption Views Worry Gay Parents in Italy

A campaign poster of Giorgia Meloni. She has pledged to oppose surrogacy and adoption by gay couples but said she would not touch existing civil rights.

Soviet Monuments Become Latest Target of Backlash Against War in Ukraine

Dr. Juris Vidins, right, in front of a Red Army soldier statue in the town of Rezekne, Latvia.

Ukraine Warns of Growing Attacks by Drones Iran Has Supplied to Russia

An unmanned aerial vehicle seen on Friday over the southern port city of Odesa, where Ukrainian officials say Russia has repeatedly deployed Iranian-made drones.

In Italy’s Election, Politicians Use TikTok to Seek Votes

Silvio Berlusconi’s TikTok profile is brimming with jokes, clips from TV appearances and videos shot in a studio.

The Morning: The back story of the migrant buses

Lever Alejos, 29, from Venezuela, is one of the thousands of migrants who arrived on buses sent by the governors of Texas and Arizona last month near Capitol Hill.

Giorgia Meloni Wins Voting in Italy, in Breakthrough for Europe’s Hard Right

Giorgia Meloni at a press conference she gave after early projections had her coalition winning a majority in Parliament, in Rome early Monday.

Exploring ‘The Land of Morning Calm’

Visitors explore the pine forest at Andong Hahoe Hanok Village, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Zelensky calls on Russians to resist Putin’s conscription.

Police officers detaining people protesting the military mobilization near Red Square in Moscow on Saturday.

The U.S. says Russia isn’t preparing to use nuclear weapons, yet.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in the city of Veliky Novgorod on Wednesday.

In a U.N. speech, Russia’s foreign minister says ‘the future of the world order’ is at stake.

Sergey V. Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Saturday.

Ukraine Fights to Reclaim Territory as Russia Holds Annexation Referendums

Ukrainian soldiers in an armored vehicle in Izium on Saturday.

Protests in Russia Against Putin’s Mobilization Policy Continue

Russian security forces arrested hundreds of demonstrators in St. Petersburg and across Russia on Saturday during protests against the mobilization of 300,000 people announced by President Vladimir V. Putin this week.

E.P.A. Will Make Racial Equality a Bigger Factor in Environmental Rules

“Regulations in the past may not have been as protective of some communities,” said Michael S. Regan, the E.P.A. head.

Russia’s Defense Ministry shakes up its leadership.

Colonel-General Mikhail Y. Mizintsev was announced as Russia’s new deputy defense minister on Saturday.

‘Somebody Planted the Guns’: In Canada, a Raided, Distrusting Village Blames the Police

The village of Coutts, Alberta, on the border with Montana, was the site of a large weapons seizure and of antigovernment protests this winter.

Russia’s draft is drawing criticism from far-flung regions and even pro-war hawks.

In Ukraine’s South, Fierce Fighting and Deadly Costs

Ukrainian soldiers at an entrenched position this month near the Kherson front.

Putin is tightening his grip on the reins of the war as Russian losses mount.

Ukrainian soldiers operate a drone near Kherson, in southern Ukraine. It was the first major city to fall to the Russians in the initial invasion, and remains the only regional capital under Moscow’s control.

How to Slow Down

A Year When Everything Is Going Right for Western Canada’s Farmers

Canada’s farmers are expected to harvest near-record yields this year.

Italy May Get a Leader With Post-Fascist Roots

Supporters of Giorgia Meloni at a joint rally on Thursday for the Brothers of Italy, League and Forza Italia parties in Rome.

Iran Protests Surge to Dozens of Cities

Demonstrators on the streets of Tehran this past week. Protests spurred by a woman’s death in custody have expanded to include outrage over economic problems and frustration with moral strictures.

Defying Travel Warnings, Hasidic Jewish Pilgrims Flock to Ukraine.

Zelensky tells Ukrainians living under occupation to avoid conscription ‘by any means.’

Cheering at passing military vehicles on Friday in Chuhuiv, in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

More Than 700 Children Have Died in a Measles Outbreak in Zimbabwe

A mother and baby waiting for measles vaccination at a clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Vladimir Putin Gets More Involved in Ukraine War Strategy

Ukrainian soldiers operate a drone near Kherson, in southern Ukraine. It was the first major city to fall to the Russians in the initial invasion, and remains the only regional capital under Moscow’s control.

Russia Begins Staged Referendums In Occupied Areas of Ukraine

Voters on Friday at a mobile polling station during the referendum on joining Russia, in Luhansk, Ukraine.

On a corpse’s wrist, an emblem of Ukrainian fortitude.

Serhiy Sova, whose body was exhumed in Izium earlier this month, in 2019. He was a trainer and breeder of dogs.

Putin’s Draft Draws Resistance in Russia’s Far-Flung Regions

Hilary Mantel Stared Down Her Past, and the World’s, With Steely Resolve

Hilary Mantel “was unsentimental, forthright, unafraid of stating her sometimes fierce views.”

Group of 7 countries condemn ‘sham’ referendums in Ukraine.

Construction workers lineup to cast ballots at a mobile polling station in Russian-controlled Mariupol in eastern Ukraine on Friday. The referendum has been called a sham by the G7.

Russian aviation scientist dies, adding to a series of suspicious deaths.

Church of England Stops Desmond Tutu’s Daughter From Officiating Funeral

Rev. Mpho Tutu van Furth, right, with her wife, Marceline Tutu van Furth, in Cape Town in 2016.

Referendums in Russian-occupied Ukraine evoke fear, anger and defiance.

Residents of Luhansk, Ukraine, voted in a referendum organized by Russian authorities on Friday. Polling stations were installed across Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory for referendums on annexation by Russia.

Is Little Amal Getting Lost in New York?

Little Amal walking along Central Park West in Manhattan.

Dozens of Migrants Feared Dead After Boat Capsizes Off Syria

Lebanese Red Cross ambulances carried bodies after a boat carrying migrants from Lebanon capsized in Syrian waters.